DIY Credit Repair

What is DIY Credit Repair?


DIY- (Do It Yourself) Credit Repair, is a new product we are offering clients who would like to repair their credit themselves.

Our new product is much more economical for clients starting at only $49 a month vs the cost of credit counseling. 

Don't you offer Credit Repair?


No, we do not offer credit repair. There is a big different between credit repair and credit counseling. Usually credit repair companies challenge negative accounts in hopes for a deletion. 

We help clients manage their debt, and provide debt settlements on any negative debt clients may have. 

Why do you offer DIY Credit Repair?


Not everyone with a low score truly needs credit counseling, and thus we decided to come out with a DIY program for those who are up to the challenge of doing it themselves. 

Plus, it is a more economical alternative to credit counseling for some. 

What is included with the DIY?


Clients who opt for the DIY service can expect to see results within the first 45 days. There are over 200 templates to chose from.  Also step by step instructions are included.

What does the DIY Cost?


DIY Credit Repair starts at $49 a month for a single applicant, and $70 a month for Couples.

I am Redy to DIY

How long will it take?


Every credit report is unique, and some can expect complete results in as little as 4 months, and up to 8 months of services.

Again, due to the uniqueness of each individuals credit report time frames may very.