How it works


We will review your credit report with you, absolutely free, to better understand your needs, and explain what can be done in your individual situation.   We never charge an "AUDIT FEE" to simply review your credit report with you.


 We communicate directly with your collection agencies, original creditors, and the credit bureaus assuring all accounts are reported accurately.  The accounts that aren't reporting accurately, we request to be updated and/or deleted accordingly. 


 We then communicate with the credit reporting agencies on your behalf to confirm that the appropriate changes have occurred.  We continue to check your credit reports for progress of deletion and or update requests. 

What Credit counseling can do for you!

 We love to help our clients become home loan ready.  Most of our clients find themselves talking to us after being turned down for a home loan, we turn frowns upside down!  So how do we help unlock your best credit score ever? 

First we assess your credit report and look at every account (open, closed, charged off, collection, installment, secured loan, etc) and every inquiry.  We determine what your credit needs to maximize the credit scoring formulas developed by Credit Reporting Agencies. We also determine if your open credit lines are at the best interest rate.  

Getting Home Loan Ready isn't very hard, and most any one can become Home Loan Ready.  
Being denied for a loan is heartbreaking, and this is why we work diligently and extensively on your credit report closely with you so that you understand every step of our process and we want you to understand what you can do yourself as well to help unlock your best credit score ever. 
If you have been denied for credit in the past, and would like to change your approval odds, CLICK on the GET HELP NOW button below for a free credit consultation.  



We strive to help consumers develop a solid credit foundation with our credit counseling, AND credit education, providing tools, resources, and credit assistance every step of the way.