Our Guarantee

Credit Rehabilitation Program

Everlasting Credit Counseling proudly offers our "Credit Rehabilitation Program", this program is designed for clients who have the desire, drive, and financial ability to purchase a home, but lack the sufficient credit score(s) required to enable them to qualify for a home loan.  

Any client who completes the entire process and are not within the 640 range (mid score), we will continue your service up to 6 months at no charge until we have helped you reach a 640.  If by this time, we have not been able to help you reach a 640 middle credit score, we will gladly refund the entire fee paid to us.

While we guarantee to help you obtain a 640 mid score, clients must adhere to these guidelines:

  1. Client(s) must have, and or open and apply, and or be added as an authorized user to a minimum of three (3) open and revolving trade-lines.  
  2. The above mentioned three (3) revolving trade-lines must be kept at a 22% credit utilization.
  3. Client(s) may not have more than 5 hard inquiries commencing the date of signing on with us.
  4. Client(s) may not incur thirty (30), sixty (60), ninety (90), one hundred twenty (120), nor one hundred eighty (180) day late's on any open trade-lines as of the date of signing on with us.
  5. Client(s) must not incur any new negative accounts such as but not limited to any new collection's and or charge-off's, repossessions, foreclosures, tax lien's, judgments, etc, as of the date of signing on with us. 
  6. Client(s) who have negative student loan's will be provided help to consolidate the student loan's and therefore must not be in arrears after signing up with us. 
  7. Client(s) are required to maintain a credit monitoring account with IdentityIQ, and or a credit monitoring company approved by us throughout the process.
  8. Client(s) will be required to enroll in a first time home buyer's education course upon completion of our program.

If client's adhere to our guidelines and we were not able to help you achieve a 640 mid score we will gladly refund any and all fees paid to us.