Our Team

Christina Hayes

 Years of experience: 17
Position: CEO & Senior Certified Credit Counselor & Mortgage Banker

Christina founded the company to help consumers with challenged credit understand their legal rights.  She also has experience as a mortgage lender and mortgage underwriter.  She is a Certified Credit, Housing, Debt, & Financial Counselor.

Jason "Jay" Urban

 Years of experience: 15
Position: Certified FICO© Specialist & Analyst

Jason  is an experienced mortgage professional and brings exceptional credit related experience to the team. Clients can expect to learn a wealth of information from him.  

Crystal Guthrie

 Years of experience: 6
Position: Sr. Processor

Before joining Everlasting Credit Repair, Crystal worked for several underwriting companies. She brings a wealth of experience to the client relations team. 

Melissa Cooper

Years of experience: 1

Position: Administrative Assistant & 

Client Coordinator

Melissa helps clients activate their portals, upload important documentation, as well as keeping clients up-to-date with their files.

Steve Cooper

 Years of experience: 10
Position: Credit Rehabilitation 

Sales Consultant

Steve  Cooper has been involved in our local community helping clients understand their credit issues, to better understand their credit needs.

Daniel Solorzano

 Years of experience: 3
Position: Certified Credit Consultant &

Debt Settlement Agent

Daniel is one of our Credit Counselor's and he spends most of his time helping clients settle out their debts, and assisting clients understand their settlement options.